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Each skein is unique and takes several hours (more often days) to make (you can see some of the process on my YouTube!).  Many of my yarns began as dirty fleece (from a local farm) which I cleaned, washed, dyed, combed, then blended, and finally spun.  They are all measured for yardage and wraps-per-inch aka weight. Some yarns will be "Art Yarns" and have a lot of texture and vary in thick/thinness, others may be a singular fiber and spun somewhat consistent weight.  They may contain multiple fibers, which will be noted.  Yarns are finished in Lavender Eucalan.  Pricing varies based on fiber content, yardage/weight, finishing, etc.

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  • 74y handspun yarn Superwash Merino spindle spun wheel plied
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